Harmful Ingredients in Skin Care and Face Care Products

harmful ingredients in facial

Today people are investing big time in skin care, face care and other cosmetic products and we see many new products thrown at our face every now and then. Does that mean that all the thousands of these products are effective in what they set out do? Of course,not! Many a times the products released in the market are also seen as an experiment by the manufacturers and they just try to gauge the future of these products by the initial response of the people who buy them. So, is it a smart thing to invest in these kinds of products? Aren’t we offering free services to these manufacturers while they see the response of their new products and make some profit at the same time?

It should be the consumers who should profit from these cosmetic products but most of the times that doesn’t happen. Companies pump in big money for marketing their products and then presenting them in an attractive way to the potential consumers. As and when the market becomes more competitive the prices of these products go down
and more and more people start buying these newly affordable skin care products. It actually is quite simple to make people buy your cosmetic product. All a manufacturer needs to do is pack in few ingredients in an attractive pack and hire a big shot celebrity to advertise it. People fall for these products in no time believe a certain celebrity also
uses the same products, which is hardly ever the case.

One of the latest crazes in the cosmetic world is anti-aging products. These are some of the costliest products in the market and consistent use of such products make people shell out thousands of dollars over a period of time. What people don’t pay attention to are the ingredients a certain cosmetic product is made of. We don’t try to analyze if a
certain product is good enough for our skin or not or if they have any adverse effects.The fact is most of the products in market damage our skin over a period of time.

Some of the popular products in the market today make use of petroleum or liquid paraffin. It is important to know that these directly harm our skin and we should get over age old baseless perception that they are any good. Our aim is to keep our skin healthy so that it can breathe easy and not clog the pores on the skin with something like these
and eventually see rashes, pimples, blackheads etc. We often put some oil on our face and go to sleep and don’t give our skin to produce its own natural oil. Continuous use of these chemically infested products make your skin addicted to them and once you stop using them you realize that you skin goes dry so you need to put more of those
products. In nut shell it is a vicious circle that goes on and on.

It is important that we leave this herd mentality of buying too much of cosmetics and trust the nature of our skin to heal and nurture itself.